Would you like to judge competition BBQ? KCBS teams are known for cooking some of the best barbeque in the world, but it takes a dedicated team of judges to decide which is truly the best-of-the-best. Being a Certified Barbeque Judge (CBJ) means more than just getting to taste award-winning barbeque - and deciding which barbeque wins those awards. It's about representing and spreading the message of KCBS, which is to promote America's cuisine - barbeque.

To become a CBJ, just attend one of our classes conducted by KCBS and our members. In a half-day's time, you'll learn how to grade world-class chicken, pulled pork, ribs and brisket - and taste them during the process!

By the time you're finished, you'll be ready to sign up for the next competition! And remember: your CBJ fee also includes one year's membership to KCBS. It's a win-win

Currently we don't have any Judging classes on our current schedule, but if you just send us an email using this contact form and let us know that you are interested in being a judge... we'll get back to you when we have a class available

Beta Beta Que, LLC
1000 W. Colchester
Columbia MO 65202

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